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The Ground pounder

Ground Sonar

This ground sonar unit let you find things that are under ground. How it works is you send energy in to the ground and when this energy hit some thing other than the ground around it, a echo is return to the receiver . the echo is sent to some software where it can be seen on a computer. There is a sighting device on the unit that when you have a hit, you can take an bearing on it. With the time it takes the sound to go to and come back to the ground ponder it will tell you how far it is down that bearing.


I am a great artist HU!!!!


When you hit a nice target this is what you see

The larger sound on the left is the sound you put in to the ground.

The small target  on the right is the echo coming from the target

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This target was about 200 feet away and a 150 gallon fuel tank 5 feet in the ground